Forthcoming Gigs


…is the collective adventure of three very different musicians:

Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist (Melody Maker Top Soloist) Jonathon X Coudrille,

Guitarist and Vocalist Anthonius Apple

and, Percussionist and Drummer Dangerous David Painter

who together create an irresistible performance drawn from their international musical experience.

Expect: Vintage and thoroughbred Melodies, turbocharged Harmonies; eco-hybrid Rhythms, high-powered Jazz, three-speed Waltzes, torquing Blues, well-oiled Duchy and Western, high-octane Urbane-and-Eastern,  high-mileage Gypsy songs of the road, growling Boogie-Woogie, Torch Songs with a brand new battery and, Original Reflections in the Mirror of Time.

Mr. Coudrille: Guitar, Trumpet, 7 string Banjo, Balalaika, Piano and Vocals

Mr. Apple: Guitar, Banjo, Piano and Vocals

Mr. Painter: Percussion, Washboard, train-whistle and Kit

With skill, gravitas and occasional hilarity they splice their widely varied roots to conjure at times a surprisingly Classical heredity

Clever and entertaining” (St. Ives Festival)

Check out the links  below


4th April :      Blue Anchor Session (Tony & JXC)

19th April  Penventon ,Redruth

20th April : Henry’s Camp Site,The Lizard    8.30 pm (JXC amd Tony)

21st April :     Amelie’s, Porthleven                        

27th April : Food Festival Amelie’s Porthleven  From 11. am

5th May :   Private function

17th May :    Farmer’s Arms, Penzance               

19th May : Amelie’s

25th May-Private Function

26th May-Private Function

31st May :Penventon,Redruth


2nd June :  Praa Sands Community Centre   Tickets £8

Benefit gig raising funds for a hearing loop for the hall 879500

Praa Sands Post Office ,on door or call 01392 581070

 14th June : Private Function

16th June:    Amelies, Porthleven

21st June : Penventon, Redruth


29th June  : Private Function

3rd July :Penzance Literary Festival

Acorn Theatre

9th July :  Private Function

13th July : Private Function

16th July : Private Function

21st July :Amelie’s

29th July : Coverack benefit .Details to follow

4th August : Vintage Rally, Ruan Minor   From

18th August :Amelie’s

20th September : Little Big Gig  Henry’s Camp Site, The Lizard

15th September :Amelie’s

27th September : Penventon, Redruth


10th October : Penventon, Redruth


20th October :Amelie’s

17th November :Amelie’s

29th November : Penventon, Redruth


15th December :Amelie’s

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